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My Latest Video - Books and Book Banning

A concerned citizen reached out to me with a multi-page documentation of material showing the explicit content that is currently in our Cumberland County school libraries...
I believe that parents can choose for themselves what they want to allow and expose their children to in their own homes, yet un-restricted access to these materials in our school libraries is a direct assault on parental rights and responsibilities.
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Children are suffering under the weight of curricula that has lost its focus. They should be taught mastery of reading, writing and math starting at the earliest grades to prepare them for life success.
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Parental rights are being ignored as schools make potentially life-changing decisions for our children. Parents should decide what medical interventions and subject matter they desire for their own children.
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We are losing experienced teachers. Teachers are not paid fairly, are expected to take on additional duties, be social emotional counselors, and are measured by test scores they have little ability to control.
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