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Books and Book Banning

The Left Attacks!

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This evening I had an appointment at 6pm so wasn’t able to attend the board meeting. Upon leaving my appointment I get a call from a reporter who asks if I would speak to him about what happened at the school board meeting tonight. I explained that I had no clue what he was talking about as I wasn’t able to make the meeting due to my appointment.

So he explains that at the meeting I was accused of being a racist, transgender phobic who is seeking to ban out books that deal with the LGBTQ, African American, Native American experiences. The speaker was referring to the video I made sharing excerpts from books in our school libraries.

Here is the video post that I originally posted:

Books and Book Banning – What Books are in Cumberland County Schools Libraries?

The 90 page presentation was put together by a parent, not me. I didn’t choose the books included in that presentation. My video focused solely on the pornographic materials. I DID NOT mention any books by Toni Morrison or James Baldwin as this lady stated. Additionally, she says that my own words are that I was asking for an “audit” of these books.

I will make this very clear. My position is not that we should “audit” these books. My position is that we go even further and these books be completely removed from our school libraries. These books that I featured in my video are NOT about representation and inclusion. These are books with explicit description of SEXUAL ACTS. Go check out the video yourselves to know what this is all about. There are LGBTQ groups themselves speaking out against what’s happening in schools. They are stating that pushing these books DOES NOT represent their wishes.

As far as me speaking out against CRT and that being seen as me wanting to block the teaching of African American and Native American history. CRT is INDEED taught in our schools. I challenge anyone on that board to have a public debate with me about this topic. If they would read the literature of the CRT pioneers and proponents they would know it indeed is in our schools. It has NOTHING to do with the teaching of history. CRT is all about punishing one group of people today for the injustices committed against another group in the past. It is not an issue of whether it’s in our schools, the issue is how is it benefitting the people who refuse to acknowledge it. I will not stop bringing light to this issue.

I am NOT against the teaching of slavery, redlining, lynchings, Jim Crow, etc.. We need to teach it all. We need to teach about the prevailing attitudes of Whites during that time. What I AM against is using that history as a club to beat another group of people into submission.

If you have a problem with that, please don’t vote for me because I will disappoint you. I will not stop pushing back against this. I will leave you with this quote from the famous, highly sought-after, highly paid Ibram X Kendi: “The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” THIS is the goal.

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